Totron 36V-60V DC LED Work Lights for Electric Forklifts

So far, most of our products can only work with 12V and 24V DC(9-32V), but most of the Electric Forklifts' batteries' output voltage is 36V or 48V, this problem need to be solved.

Now, based on our oldest and most popular models: T1015 & T1018, we make two new models that can work with 36V and 48V, actually it can be 36V-60V DC. These new models look exactly the same as T1015 and T1018, only we changed the circuit design. And these light can not work with 12V or 24V.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

About Totron

Totron specializes in LED lighting products for Vehicular, Industrial, Architectural and Commercial applications, such as LED Light Bars, LED Driving Lights, LED Work Lights, LED Searchlights, etc. Our products are widely used as Heavy equipment lighting, Agricultural machinery Lighting, such as Truck Lights, Forklift Lights, Marine Lights, Crane Lights, Road Roller Lights, Harvester Lights, etc.

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