Totron New LED Light Bars coming soon!

In May, 2012, Totron will launch two new types of LED Light Bars.

The new light bars will be made of CREE High Power 5W/10W LED. The light will have high IP67 rating. Flood/Spot beam patter, and high lumens out put.

And of course, the input voltage will be 9-32V DC, it can work on the all cars which have 12V or 24V DC output.

The samples are all testing now, the details will be published on once we start selling.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information or if you have any suggestions.

About Totron

Totron specializes in LED lighting products for Vehicular, Industrial, Architectural and Commercial applications, such as LED Light Bars, LED Driving Lights, LED Work Lights, LED Searchlights, etc. Our products are widely used as Heavy equipment lighting, Agricultural machinery Lighting, such as Truck Lights, Forklift Lights, Marine Lights, Crane Lights, Road Roller Lights, Harvester Lights, etc.

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