ODM Capabilities​

Totron can help you create a unique automotive lighting line that represents your company and makes it stand out from competitors. Customize your products by adding your own brand name, choosing colored packaging, and making product changes. This will improve the image and visibility of your brand in the market.

You don’t have to wait, start exploring these options and improve your automotive lighting line’s success. Totron is helpful and reliable, and will offer you precisely what you need to achieve your business objectives.

Small Change

We can adjust our regular products to meet your requirements.

Screen Printing / Etching

Add your logo to the products you requested.

Bar Codes / Labels

Add your own barcodes or labels to the box or cartons.

Color Box / Cartons

Print boxes or cartons in the colors and design you want.

OEM Capabilities​

Totron can help you with all your original equipment manufacturing (OEM) needs from start to finish. We have a lot of experience in research, designing, creating prototypes, and making the final product.

Our team is very good at finding ways to solve your problems and they will make sure to meet all your needs. If you work with Totron, you can feel very confident that they will take good care of you and help with everything you need.

Structural Design​

Electronics Drawing

Optical Design​

In-house Injection Molding​

SMT Manufacturing​

Final Product Assembly​

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