8 Gang 60A Max Switch Panel Power Management and Relay Circuit Control System TWB-0308

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8-Gang Switch Panel Power Management and Relay Circuit Control System With Programmable Button and Dimmable RGB Backlighting Control Panel, Bluetooth and RF433 Wireless Control Option

An 8 gang switch panel is a must-have for your vehicle, particularly if you partake in off-road activities, night riding, hunting, or any outdoor adventures. The Totron 8 gang switch panel, for instance, provides convenience and efficiency in managing various electrical components in your vehicle. Its push-button and momentary switch design allows for easy control of light bars, driving lights, and other accessories with a simple touch. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and reliability, even in harsh environments. Upgrade your vehicle with the 8 gang switch panel and enjoy enhanced control and safety on your thrilling journey.

Product Features:
Input voltage: 12V/24VDC.
Maximum output power: 600W at 12V,1200W at 24V.
Maximum input current: 60A
Universal mounting brackets
Controls up to 8 LED lights or other electronic devices
4 Control box back-up fuses
RGB Color changeable LED backlight
Dimmable backlighting capabilities
Red / Green / Blue LED indicator lights
50pcs reusable switch labels
Over voltage protection, over current protection.
Reverse polarity protection and thermal protection
Switch panel material: high quality ABS and aluminum.
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +105°C
Switch Panel: 115*66*14mm
Circuit Control Box: 174*125*37mm
Optional Bluetooth / RF Remote module

Model List:
TWB-0308: Basic Model
TWB-0308BT: Basic Model + Bluetooth
TWB-0308RF: Basic Model + RF Remote
TWB-0308BTRF: Basic Model + Bluetooth + RF Remote